What started over a decade ago in the margins as the “Green” movement in commercial and residential construction has taken center stage in today’s modern era of building and development. From sustainable glass and flooring materials, low VOC finished woodwork and cabinetry, high efficiency insulation construction and remodeling products, and exterior solutions like drivable grass and green roofing system, Eco consciousness is central to the building, marketing and maintenance of every new project.

Woodland was an early pioneer in bringing Eco-friendly building products into the mainstream of commercial and large-scale residential construction and continues to develop new sources for emerging products in the field.

The following are some of the top-selling Eco-Friendly items that we have available. We deliver to PA, NJ, DE, and beyond!


Eco-Friendly Decking


As one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S., Trex saves 400 million pounds of plastic film and wood from landfills each year. So in addition to contributing to a healthier environment, the eco-friendly recycled decking also contributes to your LEED points-not to mention your good karma. Learn about Trex’s Eco-Friendly Decking.

Ecolife Pressure Treated Wood

Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is fully protected against termite attack and decay, and the proprietary treatment also stabilizes the wood structure. Plus, Ecolife saves lumberyards and retailers money by reducing inventory losses due to culls and unsaleable pieces. Improved stability and better appearance each lead to fewer callbacks and happier customers.

Eco-Friendly Windows & Doors

Marvin Windows & Doors

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation was created by the EPA to recognize products that meet the highest energy efficiency guidelines. Marvin Windows and Doors has received the 2015 “Most Efficient” designation for several of its products, making Marvin a leader within the industry.

To comply with ENERGY STAR’s “Most Efficient” standards, Marvin offers the required high-performance glazing options and available accessories across many of its window product lines. Marvin’s certified window products and glass options feature a 0.20 U-factor or lower, attain the necessary SHGC values and meet all four ENERGY STAR zone requirements.

Weather Shield

Energy conservation is not only a financial obligation, it’s a moral one. Weather Shield takes the role as a good steward of both energy and environmental conservation seriously— for the benefit of its customers and its global neighbors.

From glazing options that maximize energy efficiency and personal comfort, to reducing natural resource consumption through sustainable-growth woods, Weather Shield works hard to ease their burden on the environment. Their product evolutions include recyclable materials like glass, vinyl and wood, plus utilization of low Volatile Organic Compound paints and sealants. Building green with Weather Shield saves money too.

Simpson Door Company

Simpson Door Company purchases raw lumber and door components from responsible and reliable suppliers that subscribe to sound forest management practices, many of which are certified by a third party.

Simpson doors have no added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF), which minimizes potential pollutants and improves indoor air quality. Further, Simpson doors are CARB (California Air Resource Board) Phase 2 Compliant and have received certification of the lowest possible emissions of formaldehyde in a wood based product for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Recycled Drywall

Here at Woodland, we stock recycled drywall, and no that does not mean we ripped it out an old building…

Recycled Drywall is made from a residue by-product taken from the flutes of coal-fired power plants during the cleaning process as opposed to mined gypsum. Synthetic gypsum has the same chemical make up as natural gypsum and can be used in the same way that mined gypsum is.

National Gypsum has their recycled drywall plants located in close proximity to the same power plants that they receive their synthetic gypsum from. Recycled drywall is a great eco-friendly product due to its recycled content, use of local products, and if you buy from Woodland, our drywall is produced in Shippensberg, PA. Please call 215-727-5333 for availability and pricing.