Sustainable Drywall

Recycled Drywall

Woodland Building Supply stocks National Gypsum’s Recycled Drywall. The “recycled” aspect of recycled drywall is the center piece that is normally made from mined gypsum. In the case of recycled drywall it is made from a residue by-product taken from the flutes of coal-fired power plants during the cleaning process. Synthetic gypsum has the same chemical make up as natural gypsum and can be used in the same way that mined gypsum is. National Gypsum has their recycled drywall plants located in close proximity to the same power plants that they receive their synthetic gypsum from. Recycled drywall is a great eco-friendly product due to its recycled content, use of local products, and if you buy from Woodland, it is produced in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Available Stocked Sizes: 4×8 in 1/4″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″ and 4×10 in 1/2″ & 5/8″.
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National Gypsum makes 1/2″ Gold Bond BRAND XP Gypsum Board with Sporgard™ was developed as an improved moisture resistant board, offering the same advantages of a traditional moisture resistant board with added mold resistance in the core and paper. XP Gypsum Board panels consist of a specially treated, fire resistant, gypsum core encased in a heavy mold/mildew/moisture resistant, 100% recycled, purple paper on the face side and a heavy, mold/mildew/moisture resistant, 100% recycled, gray paper on the back side.

Available Stock Sizes: 4×8 in 1/2″ and 5/8″.

Call Woodland for availability and pricing.

Sound Dampening Drywall

While sound dampening may not affect our environment directly, it does affect our health and well being. Living in high-density areas can cause much sound pollution. The following are products that can reduce the amount of outside sound, giving you better sound quality.

Gold Bond BRAND SoundBreak XP Gypsum Board by National Gypsum

SoundBreak XP is an acoustically enhanced gypsum board. This innovative gypsum board allows for construction of high sound absorption wall assemblies that are thinner, cost effective and more reliable than traditional methods for constructing these types of assemblies. an acoustically enhanced, high density gypsum core encased in a heavy, abrasion and mold/mildew/ moisture resistant, 100% recycled, purple paper on both sides.

Please call for availability and pricing.

Homasote 440 Sound Barrier

440 SoundBarrier is a special-density, structural board made from 100 percent environmental Homasote cellulose fiber, a homogeneous composition manufactured with uniformly distributed protection against termites, rot and fungi and resistance to moisture, even if these did come about, services such as can be on call to help. But removing the situation in the first place is more cost effective. It also insulates, with twice the R-value of wood.


Made in Georgia, Nyloboard building products are free of the typical problems that plague wood-based materials. Because it’s made from 100% recycled carpet fibers, Nyloboard is moisture, mildew, mold, rot, and termite proof. Nyloboard includes a 30-year warranty. Nyloboard is available in a variety of sizes (sheets or traditional decking boards). It can be painted or stained to look like wood, and it can be used for a variety of applications beyond wall applications including deck boards, planters, furniture or any exterior application.

Quiet Rock Soundproof Drywall by Serious Materials

Introduced in 2002, QuietRock products have revolutionized the building of high sound absorbing walls. QuietRock offers lower cost solutions – with higher STC performance – than other solutions. From ” residential to 1 3/8th” commercial products, QuietRock is used just like standard drywall and directly replaces traditional noise damping techniques such as resilient channels, clips, soundboard and mass-loaded vinyl.