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Recycled Drywall

Here at Woodland we stock recycled drywall. Recycled Drywall is made from a residue byproduct taken from the flutes of coal-fired power plants during the cleaning process as opposed to mined gypsum. Synthetic gypsum has the same chemical make up as natural gypsum and can be used in the same way that mined gypsum is.

National Gypsum has their recycled drywall plants located near the same power plants that they receive their synthetic gypsum from. Woodland Building Supply stocks drywall that is produced locally in Shippensberg, PA. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

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National Gypsum 1/2″ Gold Bond BRAND XP Gypsum Board with Sporgard™

National Gypsum makes 1/2″ Gold Bond BRAND XP Gypsum Board with Sporgard™ was developed as an improved moisture resistant board, offering the same advantages of a traditional moisture resistant board with added mold resistance in the core and paper. XP Gypsum Board panels consist of a specially treated, fire resistant, gypsum core encased in a heavy mold/mildew/moisture resistant, 100% recycled, purple paper on the face side and a heavy, mold/mildew/moisture resistant, 100% recycled, gray paper on the back side.

Available Stock Sizes: 4×8 in 1/2″ and 5/8″

Please contact Woodland Building Supply for availability and pricing.

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Sound Dampening Drywall

Noise pollution can have serious negative impacts on our health and wellbeing. The following are products offer sound-dampening solutions.

Gold Bond BRAND SoundBreak XP Gypsum Board by National Gypsum

SoundBreak XP is an acoustically-enhanced, high-density gypsum board. This innovative product offers superior sound absorption encased in heavy, 100% recycled PURPLE paper on both sides. SoundBreak XP is resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture.

Please contact Woodland Building Supply for availability and pricing.

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Homasote 440 Sound Barrier

440 SoundBarrier is a special-density, structural board made from over 98% Homasote cellulose fiber derived from post-consumer recycled paper instead of virgin wood pulp. It does not contain formaldehyde additives and protects against pest and moisture. Homosote 440 Sound Barrier also has twice the R-value of wood.

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Quiet Rock Soundproof Drywall by Serious Materials

QuietRock’s sound reducing drywall offers outstanding acoustic performance without sacrificing valuable floor space.  Developed with patented “thin wall technologies,” QuietRock products improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance using less material. Their products range from 1/2″, 5/8″, and 1-3/8” thicknesses and are more reliable than resilient channel.

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