Looking for drywall, sheetrock, or tile backer in the Philadelphia area? Woodland Building Supply stocks a full line of drywall products from National Gypsum and Lafarge. We deliver to Philadelphia and the tri-state area.

We are proud to offer recycled drywall, which is made from a residue byproduct taken from the flutes of coal-fired power plants during the cleaning process as opposed to mined gypsum. Synthetic gypsum has the same chemical make up as natural gypsum and can be used in the same way that mined gypsum is.

National Gypsum is produced locally in Shippensburg, PA. Please contact Woodland Building Supply for availability and pricing.

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Recycled Drywall

We Stock:

  • 4×8 – 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″&  5/8″
  • 4×10 – 1/2″, 5/8″
  • 4×12 – 1/2″


Gold Bond® Gypsum Board

Gold Bond® BRAND Gypsum Board panels consist of a fire-resistant gypsum core encased in heavy natural-finish, 100% recycled paper on the face and back sides. The face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core, and the ends are square-cut and finished smooth. For speed of installation, GridMarX® guide marks are printed on the paper surface.

Long edges of the panels are tapered or square. Tapered edges allow joints to be reinforced with ProForm® BRAND Joint Tape and concealed with ProForm® BRAND Ready Mix or ProForm® BRAND Quick Set Setting Compounds.

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Gold Bond® eXP® Extended Exposure Sheathing

Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Extended Exposure Sheathing is a moisture and mold-resistant gypsum panel designed for attachment to the outside of sidewall and soffit framing as a water-resistant underlayment for various exterior materials.

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Sound Reducing Drywall


Homasote is made from cellulose fibers containing 98% post-consumer recycled paper. A versatile material, it can be used on your walls and sub floor to dampen sound, protect against termites, rot and fungi, and to provide resistance to moisture. Homasote also insulates, with twice the R-value of wood. Homasote can be used in both commercial and residential applications. applications. Please contact us for availability and pricing..

We stock 4 x 8 x 1/2″ Homasote 440 Sound Barrier.

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QuietRock is the leader in soundproofing drywall. Thickness ranges from ½” – 1-3/8”, and all exceed the STC code requirements for residential and commercial buildings. With their innovative EZ Snap technology, Quiet Rock uses a polymer center instead of paper to allow for an easier and smoother cut. They also offer a mold resistant drywall option. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

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Permabase & Hardi Tile Backer

Woodland Building Supply stocks a variety of tile backers for all of your application needs.

National Gypsum

Permabase from National Gypsum is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. It is perfect for interior uses such as floors, walls, countertops, or ceilings. It is a terrific product for exterior walls and soffits for tile or stucco finishes. Permabase is also an approved and frequently used product for saunas and steam rooms.

Permabase – 3x5x1/2″

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HardieBacker 1/4” boards for floors and countertops are America´s best selling 1/4” boards. Produced with James Hardie’s proprietary cement formulation, this no-mesh board is the lightest cement board available and cuts easily, even in tight, awkward spaces. HardieBacker board is available in a 3´x 5´ and 4´x 8´ size; the 3´x 5´ sheet features the exclusive EZ Grid® recessed fastener pattern to make installation even easier. HardieBacker board provides superior protection against moisture damage and mold growth and is backed by a limited lifetime product warranty.

Hardibacker – 3x5x1/4″

Dens-Shield – 4x5x1/2″ & 4x8x1/2″

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Drywall Accessories

Trim-Tex Drywall Beads & Accessories

Trim-Tex Inc. manufactures top-of-the-line rigid vinyl drywall corner beads and accessories. With over 45 years of experience, Trim-Tex offers one of the most complete lines of commercial and residential products, including corner beads, J beads, L beads, reveals, and expansion products.

Trim-Tex Corner Beads feature over 70% recycled content to help with LEED™ points. They are made from rust-proof, dent-resistant PVC to reduce jobsite and handling damage.

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PAC International Resilient Sound Isolation Clip-1 (RSIC-1)

The RSIC-1 is designed for use with any wood framed, steel framed, CMU, or concrete wall and ceiling system where noise control is needed. The RSIC-1 assembly decouples and isolates the gypsum board or plywood from the structure increasing the acoustical performance of the system. With an Acoustical design load rating of 36 lbs per isolator, the RSIC-1 clip can support up to two layers of 5/8″ gypsum board when spaced at 24″ x 48″ oc.

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Joint Compound

Save time and money with a 2-step application. Rapid Coat gives excellent coverage with the traditional 3-coat method (tape, fill, finish), but its 2-step application method allows you to obtain the same great results in less time. 

  • USG Green
  • USG +3 (Blue)
  • Lafarge Rapid Coat