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Driveable Grass a.k.a. Permeable Pavement

DRIVABLE GRASS offers dramatic results with an innovative permeable, flexible, vegetation friendly concrete paving system.

Comprised of 2′ x 2′ mats made of wet-cast concrete “muffins” connected by a porous grid, which allows water infiltration and root penetration.

The durable but pliant polymer grid structure of the mats allow them to conform to uneven terrain but maintain their integrity. The mats create a drivable, grassy surface while resistant to wheel rutting even when soaked. The Drivable Grass lattice-style structure which allows vegetation, such as grass, to grow right through it, is what makes the product exciting.

While the grass grows the polymer grid provides a solid surface comparable to asphalt and poured concrete. The grid design also wears better with no sharp edges or cracking and breaking like concrete or developing uneven spots like plastic solutions.

Drivable Grass can replace poured concrete, pavers, and asphalt in many job applications. In addition to driveways, it is the ideal solution for boat and RV access/parking, golf cart paths, trail reinforcement, pet areas for digging control, and even larger private and commercial nurseries.

Drivable Grass has is also showing promising results in hydraulic drainage channels. The product provides erosion control solutions for V-ditches, drainage swales and other runoff areas. Whatever your project type, Drivable Grass is the best solution to your permeable pavement design needs and Woodland Building Supply is happy to help you get setup!

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