Caulks, Sealants, & Adhesives

You need it sealed right the first time. That’s why building professionals in Philadelphia count on Woodland Building Supply to provide the best caulking, flashing, and sealant products available. We are a proud distributor of products such as DuPont™ StraightFlash™, Tyvec house wrap, Huber Ziptape, Siga Wigluv black and Wigluv flashing tapes. Woodland Building Supply also proudly distributes OSI Caluking sealant products, which provide premium, durable protection against the elements.

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Vermont Natural Coatings

Vermont Natural Coatings’ patented natural wood finish formula, PolyWhey®, is durable and safe for indoor or outdoor applications. It is made from recycled whey protein, a byproduct of the cheese making process. The PolyWhey® family of finishes are water-based and contain up to 45% renewable ingredients.

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Osi Sealants

We’re proud to carry the Osi line of adhesives: designed by pros for pros. Construction adhesives and sealants for windows, sidings, roofs, and more.

QUAD MAX Window Sealant

Offers a 24-hour fast cure that is paintable in as little as one hour for quick protection. This sealant features 5x stretch and Class 50 Joint Movement capability.

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QUAD Water Resistant Sealant

Easy to apply, permanently flexible, and weather-resistant. Great for sealing around exterior windows and doors, fiber-cement and vinyl siding, PVC trim, roofing and gutters.

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QUAD Invisible

This clear caulk formula is perfect for finishing work around stone, brick, and other fine building materials.

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QUAD Foam Window & Door Foam Sealant

QUAD Foam is a low-pressure polyurethane foam sealant that is designed for sealing gaps, cracks, holes, and voids around windows and doors. It offers minimal expansion and a flexible, closed-cell structure.

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