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The Woodland Building Supply Advantage

With a 100-year heritage servicing independent contractors and major construction companies throughout the greater Philadelphia region, Woodland Building Supply Company is now at the forefront of the fast changing technology of the housing and commercial development industry.

In addition to maintaining inventories of key products and accessories that builders demand immediately in-demand building supplies and materials, Woodland Building Supply has become one of the leading companies in construction material logistics, on-site delivery, specialty products, and LEEDS certification resources.

The company has flourished in the face of big-box building supply competition by developing long-term relationships with major clients, some of whom started out as small contractors and grew with the support and expertise of the hands-on management at Woodland.

Woodland Building Supply was founded by Lazarus Reese, a Russian immigrant and carpenter. He started the business going door-to-door repairing people’s wooden stairs. Today, CEO Larry Reese, great grandson of the company’s founder, emphasizes the importance of direct involvement with the builders and contractors they service.

“No matter how big our volume gets in this kind of strong building environment, in our business it’s most important to understand each client. Because for them the project they are working on is the most important, highest-priority job there is. At Woodland Building Supply, we try to support all of our clients with the same sense of urgency and priority.”

  • Exceptional Service
  • Fast Deliveries
  • Blueprint Takeoffs
  • Boom Truck Deliveries